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A few words about the Chalet in Horgen
In 1898, across the street from the station Horgen - Oberndorf a restaurant in the style of the Northeastern Railway, the so-called "fretwork style" was built. Much warmth and cosiness spread the restaurant and is in its way far and wide, quite unique. Shall imply the present restaurant chalet. Next to a cosy cocktail bar, the unique coat room and a cosy dining room, overlooking Lake Zurich.

The "chalet" in Horgen Oberdorf is a real rarity. It is one of the few objects of that time, which is still in its original meaning and is under Homeland Security.

Several years ago the "Bahnhöfli" in Restaurant / Bar Chalet has been renamed as a Restaurant Chalet. This is primarily because of its appearance.

Even under this name, we continue to treat our guests the best from kitchen and cellar.

The Chalet India team are convinced that you are in "The Chalet" feel good and take care of an excellent cuisine and a fine selection of wines.

The Team

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